Print of the Month Archive

Volume 1 - November 2022 - Opening Print - Signed and Numbered - Edition of 76

 Volume 2 - December 2022 - Signed and Numbered - Edition of 94

Volume 3 - Jan 2023 - Edition of 80

Have you seen this continuous band of heads, spinning slowly and knowingly? 

This month I was inspired by a recent journey. 

The faces are a mash up from the Mural I painted in Badlands. 
Pink for the Iconic Pink Hotel in Cooly representing the summer holidays.
Volume 4 - Feb 2023 - 
This is the Tweed Siren, I spent lots of last month snorkelling and swimming in the Tweed River. She is Beautiful just like our town and her river.
Volume 5 - March 2023 - Fuck Adairs
This is our diss track to homeware shop art, you know the type. Its up on your auntys wall, or in the cafe. A picture of a Pineapple, a palm tree or a sandy beach, created with the sole purpose of fitting into a room that will be out of fashion next year.
As always this print was made with love, care and creativity by Sylva Lock, its signed, its numbered, you can only get it at Badlands Vinyl and for $10 its a fraction of what you would be paying Ikea.