We are open, thanks so much for all your support so far. We are overwhelmed by how many people have been in to support and encourage us so far. Tweed Heads Rules!

We are getting new stock in all the time, there will be more events coming up, Starting with out Fred's Place fundraiser on December 10th.

Sylva's Gallery is open for business, she has a wide selection of originals and prints for sale, come take a look and lock away that Christmas present. We also have our print of the month $10 with any record purchase you can own some of Sylva's art in a limited number for a bargain price, collect them all.

We have gift cards coming that look pretty so you can be proud to hand them over to your family this Christmas without looking like you were lazy and grabbed something at the servo.

Ordering in is up and running too, let me know what new Vinyl you are chasing and I'll let you know if I can get it and how much. I'll respond quick and have access to imports and what not so don't be scared to ask.

Thanks again Tweed Heads, we love this town and all the people in it, please keep supporting the small business's that make it better like us and all of our neighbours.


Kim and Sylva.